About Us

I began my massage career in 1989 after graduating from the Dubai School of Massage. The 15 month program required over 1100 hours of training & massage. I discovered the many benefits of massage, particularly sports massage to facilitate the recovery and prevention of injuries, stress reduction and overall well-being. Since then, I’ve continued to receive and give massage.

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It is a lifestyle that I believe facilitates body awareness, health, healing and balance. Dubai massage therapy has allowed me to continue my athletic endeavors and to learn and grow my knowledge of therapeutic massage to a level of intuitive touch and healing to meet each individuals massage needs. I use a blend of techniques including Swedish Dubai massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and trigger point release to fit your needs and interests.

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Work Experience:

  • Over 20 years of providing quality therapeutic massage
  • Security runner for the 2004 International Torch Relay, Athens Olympics
  • Trusted by and worked with numerous chiropractors
  • Worked for several women’s road cycling racing teams and numerous athletic events